The Patient Field Method

This method is the most popular and reliable method of playing Craps on the Internet. It consists of placing only small bets on the first four rolls and waiting for the fifth roll to bet big. Why do we do this? Simply because this method of play, also called the patience method, is based on the fact that nothing beats observation and analysis to win a game of craps.

The player who practices this method will spend the first 4 draws observing and analysing the game in order to draw the conclusions that will lead him to win the game.

Playing Craps for real money at online casinos

Craps is a game of dice as you may have gathered, but it is a game of chance. The mythology around it is quite justified because in this game, unlike other games of chance, you feel like you are the actor of your luck. That's the main danger of this game, it's the adrenaline. It's not a bingo or a lottery game where you're waiting for a machine to give you the result. Here you have the dice in your hand and the feeling of being in control of the game. Real money online craps allows you to experience this emotion through total immersion

Play free online craps

You have learned the rules of the game of craps and the different strategies. You have learned the rules of the game and the different strategies, but you don't feel confident enough to play for real money online? Nothing could be more natural! That's why we invite you to test your knowledge and get to know the game for free.

Here you will find all the information and guidelines to play free online craps and practice without losing a cent!